While the politicians, bureaucrats and over-privileged elites are obsessing with their agendas, an organized cabal has been viciously assaulting America.

Relate: Greek mythology tells of a horrific battle of Hercules against Hydra, a multi-headed dragon. The poison breathing dragon was to stop Hercules from completing his mission. Hercules had to slay the dragon as the second of twelve labors. Initially as each head was severed from the dragon, two more heads regenerated. However, after extensive combat, Hercules prevailed.

The Hydra bears much metahorpical resemblance to the cabal that is bent on stopping President Trump's mission to "Make America Great Again." It is indeed liken to a multi-headed dragon!

Invitation to the Fight


Financial Madness

Assault on America

Whitehouse Agenda

Cartels & More

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