An ocean of financial madness is bringing a tsunami of financial changes that will suddenly and drastically effect every economy of the world and most significantly the United States.

Overwhelming Debt

Of the dozens of countries that are on the break of economic disaster, one of most serious is the United States of America. Here's a partial listing of the causes of this crisis:
  • Federal Reserve has created $20 trillion in debt owed by America's citizens.
  • The total liabilities of the US government is $125 trillion.
  • The American banking system has $60 trillion in debts.
  • New banking law of July 1, 2014 allows confiscation of deposits to pay bank debt.
  • Global derivatives total over 700 trillion.
LINK: 22 year Congressman and Presidential canidate Ron Paul says there is an economic crash coming very soon centered around currency and banking debt. Millions of Americans could wake up some morning and be wiped out.

More pieces of paper debt are created the government and central banks in various forms to create an obscure things called "derivatives" - financial liabilities. The Fed has created $20 trillion in debts for the American people to pay; the US Government has $125 trillion in obligations, and there are $700 trillion in derivatives worldwide. Yet the world GNP (production of goods) is only $70 trillion. The Fed's answer print more money!

Crumbling Cabal of Corruption

At the close of WWII the Brent Woods Agreement established the USD as the currency standard of the world. The International Monetary Fund was created to regulate the value of all currencies (changes require 85% approval with the USA holding a 17% veto). Militarily weak countries, such as Saudi Arabia, aligned with the USA on the standard of dollars only for oil in exchange for guarantees of military protection.

As a result, for decades now oil can only be bought with US Dollars. The countries of the world have had to trade goods for "paper Dollars" in order to purchase oil. This is how the cabal of corruption in the banking system held the world hostage. Several country that have tried to sell oil for gold or other currency have in turn been labelled extremist in some fashion, and their economies destroyed.

How far will the madness go? Will powers that be allow the Federal Reserve Notes and bankster to crash the money system into worthlessness in order to serve their agenda? Is President Trump going bring back the gold standard and a new currency?