Should interest rise soon to 2.5%,
the interest on the national debt will be 500 billion per year.

Tsunami 2017: The national debt and bank debt combines to an obligation of $150,000 for every citizen in the United States. The Fed has created $60 trillion in bank debts in addition to $20 trillion as national debt, for the American people to pay; the US Government has $125 trillion in obligations, and there are $700 trillion in derivatives worldwide. Yet the world GNP (production of goods) is only $70 trillion. The government's answer is to print more money!

Banksters: There was a time when gangsters robbed banks; today banksters rob people. An estimated 99.99% of bank customers don't have any idea about the hidden contract customers make when they signed a card opening a bank account. For example, a new law was slipped by in 2015 that may be viewed as the ultimate bankster trick. Now money can be confiscated from customer's accounts to pay bank debts!

Federal Reserve: The public doesn't realize the Federal Reserve is not a part of the federal government, but is actually a private banking organization, controlled by the wealth elite. In the 103 years that the FED has existed, the US dollar has lost 97% of it value to due to banksters control of the nation's money supply.

PROPOSED SOLUTION: President Trump may replace our worthless fiat dollars (FED notes) with gold-backed Treasury bills to prevent a financial tsunami. See YouTube Video below from "Rethinking the Dollar."

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